Thursday, April 23, 2009

Strange Dream...

I just had the most craziest dreams (I'd go so far as to call it a nightmare) that I think I've ever had. I'm still not even fully 100% awake from it. And there was a LOT of random stuff going on prior to the big "showdown" like a toucan flying right onto my left hand and trying to bite my promise ring off of my finger and it wouldn't let go, and I kept trying to get people to help but everyone just thought it was cute and would take photos of it.

Anyhow... the big "showdown"... There was this large house (I remember calling it the "Psycho House" like Norman Bates- Psycho, strange yeah- in my dream.) And everyone was scared of it, but I knew I could beat it. I was so determined, that I knew that I could spend the whole night in the house. As a joke, my friends had even packed me up a bag full of "vintage" clothes for I guess a photo shoot I was going to do? Full with even an old grandma dress and a gray wig.

So as the sun went down, everyone had left the house but me. I had my music playing, I was going from room to room, cleaning it, what have you... And suddenly, I went to the main living room and just stopped and stared... The wall was beginning to shape shift right in front of my eyes, everything that was, was slowly pulsing like the beat to an eerie song- into what it was becoming. The windows were becoming mirrors. The wall above these mirrors, becoming stain-glass, high but tiny windows. The fireplace, just a wall full of framed photographs. The only exit, into a bare, weathered wall. I remember just staring in awe, almost like I was in a trance. I couldn't look away. My heart was thumping in my chest, but I couldn't look away. My entire body seemed to tense in fear, but I couldn't look away.

Finally, it was as if I had busted out of a shell of me, as I ran toward what used to be the door, trying to see if maybe I was just seeing things. This couldn't be happening. I clawed at the wall where the door used to be in vein. This couldn't be happening. I'd always heard stories but I had never seen anything like this before. I finally was able to leave the room, moving on to another of them to try to find an alternate route out of the house, only to find that each room was exactly the same as the first, same weathered walls, same mirrors, same stain-glass, high but tiny windows, same old photographs in a layer of picture frames. This could not be happening. I raced back to the previous room only to find that there was no longer a floor. Instead, a nasty swampland with mere jump stones were in it's place. I had to either jump from stone to stone to get back and forth from one room to the other, or risk the possibility of drowning in the muck of the swamp. I tried my hand at jumping. I remember the vintage dress I wore getting muddy and tattered because of this swamp, but I needed to get across. My life- my sanity depended on it.

I finally got back to the original room (I don't know how I know, considering EVERY room now looked like the original room) and I stood on my tip-toes to try and peer out of the stain-glass, high but tiny windows. Everything looked normal on the outside. There was the yard. There was the big tree. There was the fence, the neighbor's house. There was Midas, my dog, sleeping on the sidewalk. Midas, the only living soul around that could tell me if I was even dreaming. If I could only get Midas to respond to me, then I'd know I wasn't dreaming this up. That I wasn't going crazy, that there really was SOMETHING to this house. I started to bang on the window, screaming at the top of my lungs. "Midas! MIDAS!... MIDAS!!!" ... Nothing from the sleeping Pit Bull. No amount of banging or yelling would get his attention. And even worse, now- the more I stared out the window, the further and further away everything seemed to grow. The yard. The big tree. The fence. The neighbor's house. Midas...

And then I had a moment of clarity. Out of no where, I stepped down and away from the window, breathing out a sudden and loud sigh of frustration. I suddenly let out in a large, booming voice, in a manner as if I knew all along this was what I needed to have done in the first place,


Through heavy breaths and worn eyes I watched as the house slowly began to morph into what it had once been before. The door was finally back at the far left end of the East wall along with the original windows. The fireplace, back in the center of the South wall. Walls were walls and windows were windows once more. I breathed out a quiet sigh of relief. I knew that was the only thing that was going to work. And like nothing had happened, the neighbor who'd owned the house had walked through the door. "So how was it?" She asked almost tongue-in-cheek through a raspy laugh.

I laughed it off, shaking my head. "It was fine..." I answered on auto-pilot, darting my eyes away. I knew I could handle it... I gathered my bag of vintage clothes and made briskly for the door...

Then I woke up.

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